All About Me

Here I am, 12 years after first tentatively experimenting with a video capture card and my first pair of Lycra running tights, with my own web site. It's been an interesting ride.
I recently read an email from a guy I met online all that time ago, who told me he really liked my pics, and who wanted to let me know that there were 5 other guys he knew of in the UK who were into the same thing. I was amazed. Up until then I had thought I was unusual, and I would never find anyone else who shared my passion. Who'd have guessed there were so many of us - in the UK, and all around the world?
So many great websites, so many Yahoo Groups, clubs, messageboards and photoalbums, and so many cool people who all share the same fetish - all able to interact, thanks to the net!

I decided back in 2001 that since I'd had these pics around on the net for 5 years or so, I thought I would start a website of my own - it's developed alot more than I thought it would, and I've had a great time taking the new pictures (well, I've met lots of great people into Lycra - could I ask for more?)