Newest pictures are at the top.
Action pics are highlighted in green.

If you like the blue suit pics from last time, then you'll love these. Yes, it's the same suit, but this time it's getting wet. As you can see from a certain "tent" I really enjoyed taking these pics. Fancy a suit like this? We'll make one for you in the shop.

This gorgeous blue fabric feels really slinky and sexy - probably my favourite zentai suit. I couldn't resist having a roll around on the bed - so here are the results. If you want one for yourself, I'll happily make one for you - just visit the shop.
A sparkly set for you to enjoy this week. All these suits are metallic zentais - green, purple and silver. They're all available in the shop, so if you want one, choose your size and have it made for you!

A different kind of stripey suit - but just as fun! These pics were taken in the CoC Club in Alkmaar at the Lycra Party in July, and also in the woods. If you like the suit, you can buy it now on eBay .

I've been pecked from head to toe in this suit. Thousands of red-foil kisses adorn this zentai, which is made from a slightly see-thru nylon-lycra blend fabric. It's a real eye catcher, and it feels great on too. If you want your own, the suit is on eBay this week, so have a look at these pics (taken in Holland by Mark, David & Karsten), then place a bid!

Can you tell what's going on in these pics? See if you can find me in them - I'm camouflaged well! There's actually two suits in this photoset - one is a zentai, and one is a hoodless catsuit - both in the same amazing fabric, and both available on eBay right now.

For everyone who prefers to see me without a hood, and for all you zentai fans too, here's a set that should please everyone! If you like the stripey suit with the separate hood, you can buy it on eBay now!

This suit is such fun :o) It's really sexy to wear, and it's amazing to look at - it makes your eyes go funny! If you find it as hypnotising as I do, then you can bid for it exclusively on ebay this week. Check it out.

Did you enjoy last week's pics? I hope so because here's some more of the same - a little raunchier than the last set. Enjoy!

I got quite excited wearing this beautiful silver-grey suit, as you will probably be able to tell from the pictures. If you like the pictures, there's more to follow, so check back next week.

Is it a lycra suit, or is it a tuxedo? Actually it's a bit of both. These were great fun to take, and as my first set of black and white pictures, they have a certain style :) Let me know what you think ...

Some slightly arty pics for you this time! Here's some shots taken at the recent Lycraparty in Alkmaar, with coloured lights. The suit with the white ring pattern on it came out really well I think. and the glow off the white suits is pretty cool too. It's not me in all these pics - thanks to the other guys at the party who modelled for me!
For those of you who didn't make it to the Dutch Lycraparty in Alkmaar on February 13th - shame on you! But seriosuly, here's a few pics showing the fun you missed out on.
Did you know I've been posting my pics on the net since 1998? In case you weren't on the Lycra web back then, and missed the original andyE website - it's back for you to enjoy.

Here's another duo set for you to enjoy. LycraboyNL is Venom and I'm Captain America. Well, we're not really, but we had fun dressing up anyway :o)

As summer has gone, here's a pleasant reminder of those long warm days - some outdoor Lycra on the beach! These were taken in July at the beach in Holland. Thanks again to David & Mark.

And if you liked the leopard print suit from last week, here's some pics of me having fun in it, with LycraboyNL in his gold suit. What a shiny pair :o)
If you liked the rubbery suit from last week's update, check out this shiny leopard-print zentai, also from the fabulous Fets-Fash.
This fantastic suit is made of PU coated Lycra - so it looks like PVC or latex, but feels soft and stretchy like spandex. Phew - what fun!
Here I am out and about in Lycra at Gay Pride in Amsterdam last month. Thanks to Mark and David who bravely accompanied me on this little jaunt and who you can see in these pics :)
The second part of my shower pics - and these ones get a little steamy!!
I love doing shower pics. These are a bit different from the wet lycra sets I've done before - you'll see why next week - so stay tuned!
Here's the second set of pics taken in Bergen aan Zee, Holland. I think the backgrounds look really cool in these pics (you have David, the photographer to thank for that) - and the suits look pretty cool too
The lovely David was very kind to take these pics of me in various speedskating suits in the dunes of Bergen, while I was in Holland. There are more like this to follow next week so stay tuned!
Here's the second set of photos from De Stringslip in Amsterdam. I bought two suits on my visit, and here's me modelling the second one. I even ventured outside in it!
These photos were taken in De Stringslip, a wonderful shop full of thongs, speedos, clubwear, cycling shorts, bodysuits and lycra stuff in Amsterdam. There was so much to choose from and Rob (the owner) and Lis (who you can see in these pictures) were very friendly and didn't mind me taking some pictures of the stuff I bought! There will be more pictures from this set next week, so check back soon.
I was so lucky to be able to go to this brilliant Lycra Party in Alkmaar, Holland! What a great bunch of guys - very friendly and welcoming - and with lots of great suits they didn't mind letting me try on! Hopefully there will be another Dutch Lycra-meet soon, and in the meantime, I hope some of the guys will be able to make it to Heros :o)
These pictures were taken over a year ago, to be included on another website. I think they have a nice summery feel, which goes with the lovely weather at the moment! Anyway, for those of you who were not able to see them on the other website, here they are!
This is the ultimate fullbody swim suit - it's super-tight, looks gorgeous on, and for all I know it makes you swim faster, but that's not important! All I know is - it looks great in the shower ... do you agree?
This is going to become somewhat of a tradition! This year I went out and about in Gunnersbury Park on Christmas day. It was a bit chilly, but it was a good chance ot show off my Camouflage suit to all the bemused members of the public!!
This is the final set of professionally shot photos done by Mike Bird. This is the first outing for my 2-tone catsuit from Aurora - one of my favourite suits. Also, the popular liquid gold Baltogs suit is back for more ... enjoy!!
I have had lots of requests for some of my previous pictures with the faces unobscured - so here is a selection from the galleries, with everything on full view (!!)
These new pics are from a professional photo shoot I had done with Mike Bird. I think they are great quality - and I have left my face unobscured in them, so I hope you enjoy them.
This new batch contains all the recent "Heros" adverts from Boyz. And I've even left my face unobscured so you can see the ads in all their glory! As a special treat, I've also added my first set of professionally shot photos for you to preview (I've kept the quality intentionally low) - I may be adding more of these to the site soon.
Hopefully this New Year treat will remind you of all the joys of Christmas, while you contend with the early nights and cold days of January. I love this new suit I got from Sprintz - airbrushed with the colours of my second country :) Silky smooth and very sensual!
What a strange Christmas day I had! I finally decided to brave the streets (okay, so they were deserted!), but I certainly gave a few bemused citizens of West London something to stare at.
These pics were taken in The Backstreet club - the venue for the fabulous "Heros" skintight club night. Some of these pics were used for publicity in "Boyz" magazine, and are reproduced here by kind permission of PatrickL who took them.
This is me with cutekitlad23 - and he lives up to his name :o) A fun time was had exploring the range of my Lycra collection - there's some new stuff and and some old stuff in these pics. Hope you enjoy looking at them them as much as we enjoyed doing them!
The third and final part of the Adidas series is now online. The previous 2 parts are still here (see below).
This is part 2 of the Adidas shoot - peeling off the layers I put on in part 1 (see below). Click the image on the right to check them out.
Part 1 of the Adidas shoot - which will follow over the next few weeks - check above ^^^ for the latest installation, or have a look at these if you haven't seen them already!
Some more ballet costumes! The blue unitard and purple tights are from the recent costume sale at the Royal Opera House - the unitard used to belong to Ricardo Cervera, one of the senior soloists! The tunic is Romeo's from City Ballet's 1-act ballet, "Romeo and Juliet".
Thanks to the wonderful Gaz for letting me borrow his cool skinsuits, and for taking these excellent pics. I love the Fischer skinsuit - that shiny metallic lycra really shows of the assets!
For all those of you who thought I was relaxing the whole time I was on holiday, here are some photos proving I was actually hard at work!
I met this gorgeous guy on the beach - he was wearing some really skimpy speedos - and I reckoned he wouldn't take much persuading
to get him into some of my gear!!
A new set of wet pics - this time it's my shocking pink Baltogs suit's turn in the shower :o) Hope you like them...
Here's some pics of me in an Olympic team Luge suit and Speedskating suit, taken by the owner of the suits, Gaz_a ... thanks Gaz! I love how shiny and stretchy these suits are - what do you think? Let me know!
My new ballet pics - these ones inspired by the recent Royal Ballet adverts, and in celebration of the fact that I'm working for a ballet company now (although not as a dancer unfortunately!).
This is my newest suit - a blue and yellow Adidas fullbody. This suit is soooo incredibly small, it fits like a second skin. It feels great, and I think it looks pretty good too. What do you think? :o)
Some pictures of another ballet costume - this one from "Sleeping Beauty", and it's the Bluebird. I've had a few people ask where you can get something like this from. Well, it's actually a custom-dyed and -designed nylon unitard - if you want one, you'll have to make it yourself!
Here's me in a ballet costume from "The Nutcracker". I've always wanted to dress up like a prince, and I got my chance! Once again, thanks to everyone who sent me such encouraging messages about these - I really value your positive feedback.
Here are some pics of that full Adidas swimming suit you've heard so much about in the club recently. Thanks to the great comments I've had from you guys I'm gonna be doing more stuff in this vein in the future.
These Christmassy pictures were my first attempt at going outdoors in lycra! And after the snowy cold (and it was very cold, I can tell you!), it was time to curl up by the tree in more soft stretchy Lycra!
This is my meet with cwtwa2 that was taken in November 2001.
Here are some pics of me in my newest pairs of black and white M.Stevens Lycra ballet tights from NY-Dancewear. I searched for years to find lycra ballet tights, and I was not disappointed by these!
Click here to see pics of my popular silver suit from getting a nice wash in the shower (with me in it of course).
More of that silver suit - check out these few pics I took in September. I love the way the light shines off this suit. If you want one, check out

And here's some pics of my other full suit from There are more pics of this suit in the meet with cwtwa2 in the UkLb section below. Make sure you have a look!

Click for pics of me and skinsuitboy in what was my first Lycra meet for almost 2 years!

Here's my green catsuit from Gandolfi. I got some great responses to these pics when I took them back in August. Check them out!
Taken at the same time as the green pics (above opposite) - here's my black gandolfi catsuit - just a few days old in these photos - ahh, lycra always feels best brand new!
I got this blue suit custom made for me at Gandolfi in london. It fits like a glove, and it's a beautiful soft stretchy blue.This was the first set where I did some pics of putting the suit on too.

My first meet :o) This gallery features me, ben_d and cyclingshorts.

I've been posting my pics on the net since 1998 - but there are some from those first series I have never posted before. Well, here they are, for the first time!
Speaking of older pics - these are of the first catsuit I got from Porselli - my pride and joy at the time. These are some of the first pics I took back in 1998.
These are also from an old set taken in 1998. This was the second suit I aquired. Unfortunately it's a bit the worse for wear these days, but I like these pics as they show it in its prime! :o)
Here are some more oldies - these ones of me in my rollerblades.
At the time, I loved wearing the crash pads over my lycra.
I got these nice blue tights from Porselli back in 1999. I have bundled their pics in with some of me in my first ever pair of running tights :o)
The first meeting of the Uk Lycraboys back in 1999. This gallery features cyclingshorts, gaz_a and lycranorth.

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